Supply Chain Management

Triton has been providingsupply chain management services to its customers for over 20 years. Triton provides flexible tailor-made solutions integrating various stages of the supply chain. Expert teams link modules to form integrated value chains across the world.

With in-house capabilities across ocean carriage, transport, freight management, customs clearance and extended capabilities thru our membership in strong and professional networks like WCA, Triton offers supply chain management across the globe, with an emphasis on India.

Understanding the importance of efficiency in the supply chain, Triton works tirelessly with its customers, vendors and partners to arrive at cost and process efficient supply chain solutions. Triton’s dedicated staff enables customers to achieve key performance metrics in their supply chain.

  • Purchase Order Management –follow up and reporting for better planning
  • Multi-supplier support for global procurement
  • Buyer consolidation for efficiency in freight
  • Warehousing and distribution at destination
  • Multimodal Transport
  • Customs clearance
  • Exception Reporting
  • Insurance solutions from insurance providers
  • Specialized packing solutions